Help your dog stay cool and comfortable by learning how to protect him.

Normal temperature for a dog is in the range of 101 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs are considered hyperthermic when their body temperature exceeds 106 degrees Fahrenheit (The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 2006). The mortality rate for hyperthermic dogs treated immediately by qualified clinicians is only 50%, due to irreversible changes in blood chemistry (JVIM, Ibid).

Seven Steps for Keeping Your Dog Cool -

  1. Water, water, water! Your dog should always have access to fresh cool water.
  2. Take it easy.
  3. Provide shade whenever possible.
  4. Air movement is good, and more is better.
  5. Give him a dip in a pool or stream.
  6. Watch for signs of heat stress.
  7. Use a good quality cooling jacket.

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