All it takes is one time.

You’re trimming your cat’s ridiculous razor-sharp couch-shredding nails and you go just a bit too deep. The poor thing lets you know it, running away with a “I’ll never trust you again” look while leaving a trail of blood spots across the kitchen floor.

I did exactly this to my kitty Bo a few months ago. Even after I had staunched the initial flow of blood, later that day I looked down to see these little red dots that he was still leaving behind on the hardwood. I felt like the worst person in the world.

That’s when I finally broke down and bought a nail clipper with a quick finder, the Miracle Corp Quick Finder Clipper. Bo has pretty thick nails (Grace’s are much easier to clip) and I’d tried all the strategies; the “multiple clips” strategy of going just a tiny bit deeper every time, the “flashlight trick” to shine light through and try and find the quick, and the “sand it down” approach that took way too long on his nails. Ever tried holding a struggling sharp-nailed cat for more then five minutes?

Now I just line the nail up, slide the clipper until I get a green light, and snip. It takes a fraction of the time and hassle, and causes no reproachful looks or stained carpets. Bo still hates having his nails clipped and still runs off into the corner when I get the clipper out, but he doesn’t  let out any of those terrible “you hurt me” mewls that he used to when I cut a bit too far. And I don’t feel like the worst person in the world!